Our Photo Book is an exclusive product. It allows you to access the best high resolution images of the most important fashion shows in the world.

Browse photos of the most famous events in the international fashion scene as Milan, Paris, London or New York, available in digital format or printed on 12×18 cm photo paper. Thanks to our Photo Book, which is the result of twenty years of experience in the fashion photography field, you can see each and every piece, head – feet, back, and special tailoring in detail.

We are also able to create real-time photo books, in 12 x 18 cm format, of all fashion events: women’s pret a porter, men’s pret a porter, haute couture, woman presentations, man presentations, children , cruise, pre-collections.

Thanks to this unique product in the market for quality shots, you can dispose of a thorough database with the best images of the most important shows, single and specific shots, unzoomed, with detailed close-ups and backs of each garment or accessory. You can request our Photo Book in digital format or printed on Kodak paper: each photo shows the name of the designer and the season.

Our Book:
Standard book of all fashion shows
Book Print Only
Book Only Accessories
Book Only Shoes
Book Only Knits
Book Embroidery and Applications
Book Only Leather
Book Only Bags