A high quality product, printed on 12 x 18 cm photo paper, Compact Book contains the shots of the most important fashion shows on the international scene. For each item there are head-to-toe, back and detail shots. All photos are high quality in order to enhance the value of each particular tailoring.

Thanks to the experience and the high competence of our team, we are able to provide an extremely refined product, guaranteeing maximum attention to detail in every fashion show’s book,  only print versions, a book entirely dedicated to accessories, shoes, a knits book, in addition to exclusive versions dedicated to embroidery and appliqués.

Compact size and versatility are the outstanding characteristics of this product, ideal for any kind of requirement. It’s also possible to realize highly customized products for any events related to the fashion field: men and women pret a porter, high fashion, bridal, baby, pre-collections and exhibitions.